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Smart Skills Multiplication & Division, Ages 8 - 11

Workbook Features: Ages 7-9, Grades 2-3 ? 64 pages, about 8 inches x 10 ½ inches. Practice multiplying and dividing numbers through 100. Features Luke Skywalker, Rey, Yoda, and more!
Includes key math formulas and equations
FOCUSED PRACTICE: Disney learning’s Smart Skills Star Wars Workbook helps second and third graders develop essential math skills to prepare them for the years ahead. The 64-page workbook features beloved Star Wars characters such as Luke Skywalker, Rey, Yoda, and many more to keep young learners engaged with fun, educational activities that help to develop important math skills.
WHAT'S INCLUDED: This activity-packed workbook focuses on practicing to multiply and divide numbers through 100 through engaging activities and key formulas. Combine groups of droids, divide Resistance ships for missions, and solve puzzles with Chewbacca and the porgs in this 64-page activity book.
HOW IT WORKS: Children follow along with each activity, calculating answers for each lesson to enhance their early mathematical skills through fun and engaging practice and illustrations.
WORKING TOGETHER: Children learn along with their favorite Star Wars characters, making learning an exciting adventure. This activity book is great for classroom, homeschool, and extra-curricular fun, keeping kids engaged for hours on end.
THE MAGIC OF DISNEY: Disney Learning promotes interactive learning through fun, hands-on activities with your child's favorite Disney characters. The magic of Disney accompanies children every step of the way as they practice essential skills for school success.