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All Purpose Glue Bonder Go2 Gel 1.75oz

Go2, 1.75 OZ, True All Purpose Glue, 2 Technologies To Create Durability & Versatility, Mixing The Strength Of Polyurethane & The Versatility Of polyoxysilane, It Is The Best Formula For Your Repairing, Crafting & Building Jobs, Developed With Loctite Industrial Expertise, Water Resistant, Dries Crystal Clear & Sets With No Clamping.
Go2 Glue is a true all-purpose glue that delivers the power of 2 technologies to create Durability & Versatility. Mixing the strength of Polyurethane & the versatility of polyoxysilane, it is the best formula for your repairing, crafting & building jobs. This technology was developed with Loctite industrial expertise. Go2 Glue is water resistant, dries crystal clear, and sets with no clamping.
  • Paper, cardboard, leather, linen
  • Concrete, natural stones, tiles, ceramic
  • Glass, mirror
  • Aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass, steel, zinc
  • Wood, cork, varnished surfaces
  • Fibreglass reinforced polyester (FRP), rigid PVC, polycarbonate, polystyrene foam (Styrofoam )

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