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Polka Dots Classroom Supply Labels

Organize Your Supplies Instantly With These Colorful 5" X 3" Labels (Not Adhesive). Personalize Bins, Boxes, Cubbies, Jars—The Possibilities Are Endless! Adorable Illustrations Will Help Non-Readers With Clean-Up Time! Labels Included: Art Supplies, Awards, Binder Clips, Calculators, Cleaning Supplies, Clothespins, Colored Paper, Colored Pencils, Counters, Crayons, Dice, Dry-Erase Markers, Erasers, First Aid, Flash Cards, Folders, Games, Glue, Highlighters, Index Cards, Magnets, Manipulative, Markers, Odds &Amp; Ends, Paint, Paper, Paper Clips, Pencils, Pens, Permanent Markers, Push Pins, Rubber Bands, Rulers, Scissors, Staples, Stickers, Sticky Notes, Tape, Timers, Tissues, And 4 Blank Pieces. 44 Total Pieces.