Sortingbuttons Curriculum Cut-Outs PreK-Grade 1 / Ages 4-7

Foster the home-to-school connection and improve academic performance with this affordable product. The Sorting Buttons Curriculum Colorful Cut-Outs® offer a solution to ensure your students have the tools necessary to create a solid learning foundation beyond the classroom. Providing students with take-home manipulatives is an excellent way help them build the skills necessary for success!

The Sorting Buttons Curriculum Colorful Cut-Outs® include 9 perforated sets of buttons that can be used for deepening subject understanding both in the classroom and at home.

9 sets, 33 buttons per set, each set includes:

8 large buttons (2.625" x 2.625")
9 medium buttons (1.75" x 1.75")
16 small buttons (1.325" x 1.325")
An affordable solution for strengthening skills, curriculum-based colorful cut-outs are the perfect resource for every classroom. These tools can be used during whole-class instruction, independent practice, or small-group instruction to help with the learning process. Students can also take these manipulatives home to help with homework or to practice skills in their free time.