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Candle Lamp Brass Base 7 inches

Give your centerpieces, tables, shelves, counters, and windowsills a soft, warm, candlelight gleam with this gratifying Battery-Operated Welcome Candle Lamp! It is a small colonial detail that inspires recounting the days of eighteenth century America; as people navigated dark corridors and countrysides with the assistance of a burning candle light.

This bright white candle is set into a shiny brass plated, tapering base, matching its top threaded bulb insert. A 3V steady burning flame-look bulb is included, which gives the essence of an old-fashioned glowing candle without the hassle or danger of an open flame.

Unscrew the ring at the top of this candle, insert two AA batteries, twist this ring clockwise, and voila; a gorgeous radiance is presented for any room of your home. Let this serve in accessorizing your home year-round, or specially during the holiday season, when the inviting, comforting feel of your home is particularly prominent.

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