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Carrot Nose Bent 7/8 inch 2 pieces

Are you planning to craft the perfect wintry icon? Inspired to delve into an ornament activity with your little ones or students?

Well, now you can, with these Bent Miniature Snowman Carrot Noses! They are the answers to finishing off your cheery, snow-filled project visions! A snowman wouldn't be a snowman without that orange vegetable schnoz, of course!

These authentic, thick, cone-shaped rusted orange carrot noses have a grungy, primitive appeal with fun root scar textures. Their on-point symmetrical qualities and small, pointy, cone-shaped joints make attaching these noses to your clay, foam, and other bases as easy as can be! Feel free to glue them to all sorts of materials, as well!

These are great little noses if you want to repair an old snowman decoration! Maybe the poor guy has lost some parts over the years!

For a clever and incredibly simple method of use, place one of these noses, little black beads, a tiny scarf-resembling cloth, and maybe some small twigs, atop of white glitter, presented in a fillable clear ornament or Mason Jar, for a sweet and comical, "melted" snowman!