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Brushing & Painting Tools


Brushes and Paint Supplies

Creative Minds is the perfect store for artists of all skill levels. Our products come in a variety of high-quality brushes and painting supplies, are reasonably priced, and are durable. You can pick from our selection of acrylic and watercolor brushes, painting tools and supplies, brush sets, brush holders, and other items. We even offer brushes in various sizes to accommodate various painting techniques. At our art supply shop, we make sure to go above and beyond to give customers the best and most complete service. Browse through our range online and explore our wide selection.

Can Your Paintbrushes Be Used on Any Surface?

Yes, our brushes work well on various surfaces including paper, canvas, wood and more. We even provide brushes that allow you to paint different effects.

What Equipment Would You Require to Use a Paintbrush?

You would need paint, a palette, brush stands, and cleaning supplies. All of this is available in our art supply store at reasonable prices.

What Distinguishes Watercolor from Acrylic Paint Brushes?

As the name suggests, watercolor brushes are suitable for water-based paints. This is because their brush is softer in texture and more absorbent. Acrylic ones, on the other hand, are ideal for painting with thicker paints as the brushes are stiffer.