Valspar Latex Porch & Floor Paint


Valspar Latex Porch and Floor Paint is a satin-sheen coating that gives floors tough, long-lasting protection. The premium quality, 100% acrylic latex formula is ideal for indoor applications where fast dry is important. Can be lightly walked on as quickly as one hour, and takes regular foot traffic in 24 hours. Fast and easy water cleanup. This weather-resistant formula can be used indoors or outdoors, and gives years of long-lasting beauty and protection.


Product Feature


•Water resistant

•Suitable for interior and exterior uses

Recommended Uses

Properly prepared concrete, wood, porches, basement floors, stairs, breezeways, primed metal, indoor and outdoor floors. Not for use on garage floors or other automobile parking areas. Not for use on exterior wood decks.


One gallon covers up to 400 sq ft depending on surface porosity. Thinning is generally not recommended. However, when two coats are necessary, such as new concrete or badly worn areas, thin only the first coat with 1 pint water per gallon of paint.