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Cone Paper Mache Open Bottom 10.63 x 4 inches

This paper mache cone can be used in so many ways! This smoothed, and hollowed cone is constructed of a thick paper mache fiberboard, making it sturdy for any projects you have in mind.

Its shape is perfect to serve as a body for a handcrafted sweet standing doll, a special Santa, or your one-of-a-kind angel for the tree. You also cannot go wrong with crafting this into a decorative tree! Even an aesthetic snow-topped mountain! Attach glitter, sequins, rhinestones, greenery, twigs, burlap, paint, felt, and an array of other special craft elements.

Let your finished product serve as an excellent adornment for window sills, mantelpieces, or kitchen counters! Get creative and integrate in centerpieces along with additional thematic decor, particularly with seasonal elements, such as shiny spherical ornaments, angels, and conifers if a tree is your finished product!

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