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Alcohol Based Ink Marker Spectrum Noir Illustrator

Spectrum Noir Illustrator are our premium alcohol-based marker designed to deliver high-end, no-compromise performance at a fraction of the cost of other brands. Featuring brush + super-fine nibs for smooth, natural line work and detailed coloring perfect for coloring, drawing and illustration. Perfect for existing Spectrum Noir users who want to develop their skills, as well as appealing to new customers with the growing art and coloring category.

More information about the Spectrum Noir Illustrator:

  • Super-fine Nib – For precise, accurate detailing and fine line work
  • Ergonomic Barrel – For supreme comfort, enabling a variety of grips and stroke styles
  • Artist’s Grade Inks – For flawless laydown and blending
  • Flexible Brush Nib – For smooth fills and natural, artistic strokes


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