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Snowflake Ornament Iridescent White 11 inches 2 pieces

When one sees the display of this Large Iridescent White Interlocking Snowflake Ornament, all signs point to old-fashioned Christmas. This sparkling, elaborate embellishment provides a tasteful and excellent way to get that Christmas cheer started!

This monochromatic element has detailed, sectioned branches of understated beauty and sparkle, certain to make your surroundings glisten, fully coated with mica glitter. Two lightweight, elegant snowflake elements connect, together, to create this lovely geometric ornament. It can easily be suspended by its attached thin string; ready to festoon any room or setting.

Hang and display on your gorgeous tree, wreaths, conifer garlands, or anywhere you'd like! There are endless opportunities for presenting this special snowflake from above, hanging on its own from ceilings, or joining chandeliers and other hanging lights or mobiles. Feel free to not hang it at all, and place in clear glass vases or bowls, or even out in the open as an enchanting and enriching centerpiece or table scatter! Star with additional bright ornaments, firs, and faux snow!