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Snowmen Felt Stickers 10pcs

Cheerful, adorable, and festive, these Felties Snowman Felt Stickers are here to spread wintry and Christmas cheer in flat, soft, sticker form!

With their eyes closed in merriment and wide open short twiggy arms, a darling collection of soft, classic-looking snowmen have extra attached dimensional layers of green and red scarves, light yellow-orange noses, and sophisticated red-banded black top hats. Their fluffy white bodies have icy blue stitch outlines as a fun play of their slightly angled position.

Apply them to your holiday-themed scrapbooking. Attach them to gifts, greeting cards, invitations, and goodie bags!

Self-adhesive, they make for very easy application. Even use these stickers outside of the scrapbook world-give some playful, multidimensional flair to any craft or display. Decorate corkboards. Make students smile by putting them on graded papers with their A+!

With their safe, soft material, they are excellent for children's activities in and out of the classroom. The use and display of these snow-filled foam pieces is full of room for the imagination. Let children have a blast displaying these on all sorts of empty platforms to create original masterpieces.

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